There is saying that nothing is impossible – in everyone’s childhood it was just a word for us but when we explore something that is proving this statement then this will be the reality that we have earned it.

Some impossible thing we have achieved and we are sharing with you guys

Our two videos as shown in the Figures are World No.1 Ranked video, without using any paid or organic tool

One video is focused on “Advanced Facebook Marketing” Watch Here => https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u94Wlda5MLk and another one is focused on “The Dark Side of Digital Marketing 2020” watch here => https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfDkXUja0_c

Now the question arise on people mind is “How can you make your video on top without using any tool in the market and how is this possible with very little subscribers (not even 500) not having high video view (not even 5000)”

Many people asked us this kind of question and through this blog, we wanted to tell you the secrete 

Secrete No.1: Keywords are important

All the main keywords have to be present in your youtube video inside and outside too, it will include your title, description, tags, inside the video pitching of keywords

Secrete No.2:  CTR is Important

Click-through rate is an important factor on ranking on top CTR means whenever anyone searches for that keyword or phrase your video should be clicked after searching that phrase, This CTR rate is calculated with below formulae and help Bot to understand how well the video is performing

 CTR= Click/Impression * 100

Secrete No.3: Focus on User rather than Bot

Whenever you plan to record a video make sure it is conveying your message to the end-user that is because nowadays BOT are more intelligent because of many updates

They will find you in any case if you violate any policy so be more vigilant.

Secrete No 4: Watch time >Views

Yes, Watch time is more important than views because the youtube algorithm is created in that perspective that if your watch time is good that means your audience is engaging with you properly so be more focused on Watch time than views.

Here are the Four main Secrets we have told you in this blog, Kindly follow it so that your video can get rank well on Youtube and Google.