If it is safe to learn in 2020?

does Digital MArketing is a good career to choose?

Above is some question everybody asks on google.

My Answer to this Question is simple: if you want to become a successful freelancer or your an entrepreneur then learn Digital Marketing.

Jobseeker out there wants to know more about Digital Marketing career path.

They always have a question like:

Digital Marketing, Is good or bad?

What are the salaries in Digital Marketing?

and many more……

Everyone wants to know, 

whether it is worth to learn digital marketing?

Don’t take tension, I am going to answer all your question related to Digital Marketing career in this post.

I am going to start with a basic Digital Marketing career and take you through the same advanced topics like career path in Digital Marketing and job opportunities in Digital Marketing.

I will try to solve all your queries related to Digital Marketing Career in this post.

Before I start with our post I must answer the most popular question out there on google: why Digital Marketing is the most popular career choice?

I think Digital Marketing is a career that attracts everybody because of its openness to accept professionals and non-professionals from all aspects.

Unlike any other career out there, Digital Marketing does not define you by your qualification.

Also, I think digital marketing is a blessing for me who like to make sales hiding behind the computer screen.

Its Time to jump to the article to help you decide: Whether Digital Marketing is a good career for you?

Digital Marketing as a Career

The growth of internet usage increases the demand for Digital Marketing professionals.

Every business or start-up out there want to learn, how to set up a business online?. which led to rapid growth in digital marketing.  

Since digital marketing is evolving at a rapid pace, the demand for digital marketing professionals has seen equal growth.

The normal salary paid to digital marketing professionals is quite high as per industry standards.

Digital Marketing is a different career option that has a place for everyone willing to try something creative and out of the box.

Digital marketing can be done using various methods, including paid ads, SEO, SMM, and email marketing. 

Its give a wide range of career option for us who want to get into digital marketing.

Is Digital Marketing A Good Career?

I don’t want to waste your time reading a long post if you are not interested in starting or convinced to start a career in Digital Marketing. 

Let me cut in short-

The growth of digital marketing career has been enormous over the last few years. 

To start with, it is a requisite for every marketing job.

As per a recent survey, seven into ten marketing jobs require digital marketing skills.

Digital Marketing is one of skill required by industry besides the majority of the skill

According to a combined study of CII and KPMG, India’s digital advertising industry is growing at 33.5 (2015-2020) per cent (CAGR) and by 2020; its value will exceed the INR 255 billion marks.


the quick way to validate the goodness of digital marketing career is to find the growth and scope of any skill is to search in job portals.

Digital Marketing Career path and Opportunities (including salaries) 

The career path is dependent on the work and the level of expertise you develop in digital marketing.

A Digital Marketing professional’s career progress is also proportional to how well they choose up the various fields of digital marketing.

To elaborate on what I wrote above, here I want you must understand – Digital Marketing is a diverse field comprising of different careers tied to different digital marketing promotion methods. 

For example:

  1. Social media marketing
  2. Search Engine Optimisation
  3. Email marketing
  4. PPC experts
  5. content writing
  6. web design
  7. copywriting


In this post, we explore all the digital marketing career opportunities and the scope of each digital marketing career path.

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