Before reading this blog i will first tell you to go to any website of your choice or your own site if any when you visit your site just count 7 sec and after 7 sec what you understand just write it down ok ready

Now Go to your site……

Wow thanks for this task … now what did you understand within that 7 sec ?

That is the real scenario – one of the research says that every adult will invest only 7 Sec in any new website so as an Digital Marketer we have only 7 Sec to grab their attention

For Example : Assume that I have shown you Digital Marketing Training related Ad so when you click to that ad then you redirected to this site

If you count 7 Sec then you will get the idea that this site will show case Digital Marketing Training registration free demo means in 7 sec this site convince you that we are Digital Marketing Training institute and they have convince you that register now for free demo